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The Kelly Scarf

The Kelly Scarf was designed for my mother. It was a birthday gift for her. I wanted to create something delicate, light, and elegant for her. My mom, Kelly, taught me how to knit. I recall many family roadtrips with her sitting in the passenger seat, feet on the dash and toes pressed against the windshield while my Dad drove. She was almost always knitting. I would sit in the back, also knitting. I constantly made mistakes, usually a dropped stitch. Every few minutes, my mother would hear, "Moooom, can you fix this?," with a sense of urgency as if I was knitting against the clock. She would very patiently put down her own knitting and reach her hand back to grab my project. She was always able to fix my mistakes and never complained about the interruption. I didn't start learning to fix my own mistakes until I moved away to attend university. Once I could fix my mistakes, I felt like a professional. Now I find myself "performing surgery" on lace knits, something I couldn't even imagine as that little girl in the back of the minivan.

made with 100% wool

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