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Open Circle Stitches is a one-woman shop created to bring one of a kind pieces to those who desire them. No project is too intricate or vast, as I aim to continuously evolve my expertise and creativity in my craft.

Knitting is a therapeutic and spiritual practice for me and was passed down through the women in my family. Intentional energy is weaved throughout each piece. The ritualistic motion and the convergence of fibers sprouting like roots serve as a passageway of energy and an opening of a circle for healing and mindfulness.

In addition to being a fiber artist, I am also an analog photographer, model, and oncology biologist. All of the photography featured throughout the website was done by me on Polaroid, 35mm, and 120mm film. In real life, you'll find me with my pink sx-70 polaroid camera and OCS tote.

The circle is cast,

so mote it be

--- Nora Jean

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